Waking Hour – Day 1

For the next while, I plan on sharing my Waking Hour journey with you in hopes of inspiring you on your own. Speaking of sharing, if you are finding this helpful please share this with your family and friends so they can benefit as well. I would also LOVE to hear about your own Waking Hour journey. Please post all relevant comments here, facebook or share on your own page. 🙂 Happy Waking!
Jan 2. Day 1.
– Terrible sleep. Was woken up half a dozen times and became increasingly frustrated as the night went along making it even more difficult to find rest. Finally got up when our cat Benny violently banged on the door at 6:20am, per his adorable tradition grrr. Upon opening the door my lesser self did not greet Benny with kindness and understanding. Sorry about that Benny.
– Once my mind knew we were still committed to Waking Hour, I immediately felt better and the lack of sleep no longer mattered. I threw on my workout clothes and headed into the kitchen to make coffee. I discovered the way to become un-triggered is to pause and then move forward coming back to the moment.
– I wanted to check my stuff online but resisted the temptation. Felt a surge of positive energy.
– Began morning with Sam Harris’s Waking Up app and started with his Day One meditation. 10 min later I felt a mixture of calm and disappointment as my lesser self began evaluating how I could have performed better. I reminded lesser self that it was missing the point as meditation is about noticing not correcting. Lesser self apologized yet maintained his mischievous smile. It’s a handful.
– Moved onto reading Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron. She reminded me to pause when triggered, breathe, notice what’s happening, release what’s happening and get back to the moment.
– After visiting the loo I headed down to my cold garage to do my Insanity workout. Brrr. Within 10 min I was wishing there were more windows to open. Utilized meditation techniques to focus on my movements and push through pain to form new limits. My lesser self screamed out for rest and thoughts of what are we doing next. Still with its mischievous smile.
– After workout I enjoyed a nice warm shower followed by a nice freezing cold shower. I focused on the cold allowing it to massage my tired muscles and relax my active brain. Upon pushing back the curtain I stepped into my day.
This process lasted about 100 min. It felt like a fraction of that.
Reminding myself that the point of Waking Hour is not to compete with myself but simply be in myself as I wake to the day. That said, great first day especially considering I had a crappy night. Already excited for Day 2!

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