Waking Hour -Bear Attack

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I leave for an early morning flight tomorrow and so I thought I’d sleep in this morning because I deserve it ok. By 630 Angie was nudging me awake saying, “it’s time for Waking Hour.” I resisted saying, “I will, just later cuz I need to sleep..” That’s when she said, “hey, I want to do this and your my Guru so..” It was the kick I needed. Thanks hon.

  • Meditation is getting more natural. Thanks Sam. I’m slowly learning to resist the need to control my thoughts or react to every thought that comes into my hyper active mind. As a wise person once said, “you don’t have to believe everything you think.” Just see the thought and let it pass. If it’s a negative thought, practice the pause and bring your attention back to the one constant in this world – your breath. From there, see what’s in front of you and move forward.
  • Chapter 2 of Pema’s ‘Taking the Leap’ was excellent. I’ve read the book a few times but this morning I still had a eureka moment. We all feel the universal background hum of negative thought.  It’s usually an unexplained yet general edginess, boredom or restlessness. Pema reminded me that it exists because of our lesser self’s desire to find “permanence in an impermanent world.” Our world is fluid, open, unfixed and always changing thus we have little control over our outside circumstances. Our lesser self cannot stand this and so it resists this reality or worse tries to control it. The result is always frustration, anxiety, fear and if left unchecked it can evolve into a deep neurosis / despair. The good news is we have complete control over our reaction to this unchanging reality.  We can choose not to react! 2 analogies are helpful here.
  1. Pema’s Poison Ivy. When we react to the negative mind hum we are essentially scratching an itch. The temporary relief we feel after scratching quickly becomes a permanent problem as the scratching causes the itch to spread like poison ivy through our body strengthening the mind hum (neurois, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness etc) making it far worse. The more we scratch the worse we feel. What if we didn’t scratch?

This second analogy came to me during my reflection time.

`  2.  Bear Attack: When we see a bear in the woods we instinctively want to run from it.  When we do, this seemingly logical decision backfires as it guarantees a terrifying chase that we cannot win.  The fact is, we will never be able to out run a bear. What if we didn’t run? What if we stayed where we were giving control back to the bear? The bear would either move on disinterestedly or move closer and upon recognizing we were not a threat, move away completely. Negative thoughts work the exact same way. If we can learn to stay with the thought that angers us, terrifies us, or tries to break our heart we will see that it’s just that, a thought. It has no power over us unless we give it power. The moment we recognize that the chase is over, relief is not far behind. I have practiced this habit over the years with great success yet I still need almost daily reminders to not run. Speaking of power, if negative thoughts can cause us this much grief, imagine what positive thoughts can do? This is what emotional planning is all about. The power of practicing positive thinking! Our mind prefers to dwell on the negative as it think’s it’s job is to keep us safe. What it doesn’t know is we are safe so it can actually focus on helping us gain fulfillment. It needs our help though which is where Waking Hour comes in! I would still like to hear your experience with this! Send me a message!

Conclusion: I keep forgetting to do my Emotional Planning time. The positive visualization has been used with great success by top performers in every walk of life. If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.



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