Waking Hour -Travel Edition

Hey y’all. I leapt on a plane early yesterday morning to begin a long day of travel. 3 planes later I arrived in South Carolina where I’ll be hanging with my Ma for the next 10 days. I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss morning routines when you’re not in your routine. For instance, should you still have a morning routine when travelling? The quick answer is,… do you still want to feel better?

My plane didn’t leave until 830am yesterday so I was able to sleep in a bit. I don’t know about you but I never sleep well before travelling. Too many hyper emotions going on. . Regardless, the question of “should you still do Waking Hour when travelling,” is an important one. I chose to! After tossing and turning all night I finally got up at 430am and wouldn’t you know it, I immediately felt better. It’s like deciding to Wake Up readies the body to Wake Up. Yes, I even did a workout. I cut everything in half so my Waking Hour was actually an Hour (instead of 2) but I did it. The result was the most enjoyable day of travel I’ve ever had. In the past, I’ve had some control issues with travel often feeling anxious in airports and slightly claustrophobic on planes but I had decided beforehand I would be Awake to whatever would be rather then trying to control how it should be. All 3 planes were amongst the smallest, squishiest and most turbulent I’ve ever been on (the Universe accepted my challenge) but I literally flew through the day experiencing an unrivalled calm. So yes, I absolutely think Waking Hour is important while travelling. If we don’t put our minds in a state we’ll find ourselves put in a state of mind along with old habits and fears.  For years, I just put up with a stressful travel day telling myself, “travelling is stressful.” It’s not. Travelling is whatever you choose it to be. And I chose calm!

I’m currently sitting on my Mom’s deck in the gorgeous South Carolinian sun. As an Islander, sun in January is a luxury.  Even with the 3 hr time change I am blogging having just completed my Waking Hour. Sorry Ma for the loud 40min banging session, Shaun T loves his jumping movements haha.  As I sit, I feel an unrivalled peace. In the past, my first morning travelling anywhere I would awaken with slight nausea, mental fog and an unexplained resistance to a new place I could not control. No wonder I felt bad. Instead, Pema reminded me again today that the only thing I’ll ever be able to control is my own experience of a life out of control. And every life is. Life is fluid, constantly changing, never the same. The sooner we can become ok with this, the sooner we can be anywhere, experiencing anything, and be ok. I’m learning to be ok and it’s saving my life.

If you would like some extra encouragement, let me know! If you know someone who could use this encouragement, please share this by clicking at the bottom of this page! If you haven’t already “liked” us on Facebook, that would be sweet too. Thank you so much for joining in the journey, it’s much more fun then walking alone.  See you back here tomorrow!



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