Waking Hour Update

Well hello there! I realize it’s been nearly a week since I’ve posted but in my defence I was bouncing around the mideast visiting family. Lexington, South Carolina to Virginia, to Washington DC and back, it was a crazy week! No, I didn’t see Trump. Apparently he was holed up in his office tweeting all week. Busy guy. 😉

My Waking Hour suffered last week mostly because I found it difficult to maintain my routine while waking up in different beds. Undaunted, I tried my best but at one point I did go 3 straight days without meditation and exercise. By the end of day 3, my new found Zen had went on vacation and old John had begun to re-emerge along with his old habits and neurosis. It was a learning moment for me as I realized the importance of maintaining a routine even when no routine is possible. Lesson learned.

I finished Pema’s excellent book and have moved onto another. The Upside of Stress! The book is based on the author’s surprising new research showing the link between stress and longevity. That’s right folks, stress can actually add years to our lives providing we believe it will and act accordingly. I was skeptical too but not as skeptical as the author. She had made a career out of showing the link between stress and poor health/early death but it turns out her research was flawed. Anyways, I don’t want to spoil it for you but you should definitely give it a read. It has already transformed me in many ways. If you want the cliff-notes version, join the 18 million other people and listen to her TED talk. Then order the book. Or I’ll post stuff about it here.

How’s your January been? Would love to hear.

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