What’s Waking Hour have to do with leaping??

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing my Waking Hours with you and this morning it occurred to me that perhaps there’s some confusion on what all of this has to do with leaping? After all, this is The Leaping Connection. The place where we learn to risk!  Fair point. Leaping has everything to do with learning to leave our comfort zone to seek what we really want in life. A new relationship, perhaps. A small business. A trip of a lifetime. Leaving the known for the unknown is no small thing. It requires great courage, focus and commitment. In other words, it requires we change our minds.

When was the last time you tried to change your mind/ take a leap? How did it go? Was your mind open to the experience or did it resist? Do you ever find yourself arguing…with yourself?  “Cmon John, you’re not going to get new customers laying on the couch watching Rudy again. Wait, are you seriously crying? Get up!!!” But I don’t want to…. What if they say no! Resistance is our mind’s forte. It is convinced that its only job is to keep us alive which is why safety and security remain its top priorities. It certainly doesn’t have time for weird concepts like Leaping unless that leap is over a pit we are about to fall into. If we ever hope to take a meaningful leap in our lives, we must first learn to leave our current mindset. Hence… Waking Hour. In Waking Hour, we learn to make friends with our mind. We learn that despite the resistance we feel, we are more than capable of leaving what’s known, what’s secure, what’s safe.  In short, we are learning we can change our mindset. It turns out, changing our mindset is the first leap we all must learn to take! Mindset is the foundation of all leaping and meaningful change in our lives which is why spending the first hour of the day developing our mindset is the best investment we could ever make. We will talk more about mindset in the coming days.

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