Why I started The Leaping Connection

Unless we know the why of what we do, the what will be meaningless.

I started The Leaping Connection to help people who are stuck in their career, their lifestyle and/or their mind.

A leap is any strong movement away from where we are to where we want to be.

It’s simple, but not easy.  Most people need help. I know I did.

My Leaping journey began just over a decade ago. I was triple trapped:  

  • In my career (I was a youth pastor working for a conservative church that I no longer believed in)
  • In my lifestyle (I was living in a big city, hating the grind of big city life) 
  • In my mind (I was experiencing the negative affects of living outside my truth)

One night I woke up unable to breathe. It felt like something was strangling me. I was terrified and hopelessly confused. As I sat on the edge of the bed fighting panic, my wife woke up and asked what was wrong. This snapped me out of my free fall and I said, “I don’t know. I feel like I can’t breathe.” As I sat there crying, I remember thinking, “this has to be the least manly thing I’ve ever done.” My ego was trying to rescue me. It took some time before I fully came back to the moment and could breathe normally again.

In the days that followed I learned two things:

  • I wasn’t being strangled. I was having a panic attack.
  • I had to make a change.

Looking back I can see my soul was sick of its lesser self and had started to implode. I shared my feelings with Angie and wasn’t surprised when she nodded. Of course she knew. She wasn’t happy either. After weeks of complaining to each other about our situation, one night she said, “Let’s just do it. Let’s sell our house. You definitely have to quit your job and we have to get out of here. Leap.”

It felt right but it also felt irresponsible. It turns out those two things do not need to be mutually exclusive.

We didn’t know what to do or where to go so we ended up in Europe for 3 months. Not a bad place to go when you don’t know where to go. We had an unforgettable adventure backpacking with our 3 kids, ages 9, 6 and 5 (we blogged the entire thing). This was Fall, 2008. Not the greatest year financially to travel overseas. But it was a Leap year. 🙂

We came back to Canada in time for Christmas and in the New Year decided to move to Vancouver Island, where Angie’s parents lived. We were starting a new chapter of our lives and although we were unsure of what it would look like, we knew we were in the right place to do it.

In the Spring of 2009, I came across Business Works, a government program that rewarded savvy entrepreneurs with funding and support. I knew I could sell so I sold my idea of, “Cowichan Valley’s first eco friendly lawn care business.” They bought it which meant I needed to figure out what an eco friendly lawn care business was. With zero experience in landscaping or business I worked hard and eventually gave birth to Lush Eco Lawns which has now become Lush Eco Lawns and Gardens Ltd.

I have learned many things over the past 10 years about how to effectively start and run a successful business from scratch mostly by doing all the things one shouldn’t do if they want to be successful. I’ve taken many leaps, experienced many face-plants but I have always kept moving and that has made all of the difference.

Leaping is often failing forward. The key is to keep moving.

Lush has always been about doing something I had to do. As much as I have enjoyed leading Lush and still do, I have done it because I had to provide a life for my family.  I still do. I started The Leaping Connection because I wanted to help people get unstuck.

The Leaping Connection is everything I’ve learned in the past 10 years of leaping. And I’ve learned a lot. I am someone who walks the talk. I’ve leapt countless times. Stumbled even more. I know the fundamentals and pitfalls of leaping. I have the movements down. I am a veteran of leaping and I want nothing more then to help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

It doesn’t matter where you are. You could be just starting out, have started but are stuck, or haven’t leapt in years and want to leap again. Regardless of where you are, you don’t have to be there if you don’t want to be. You can always make a move!

Do you want something more? Is your soul sick of itself? I’m here to help. The Leaping Connection is my passion project! I’m doing it because I know what it’s like to feel stuck, trapped and sitting on the side of the bed unable to breathe. I’d love nothing more then to reach out, grab you by the hand and help pick you back up. From there, the leaping adventure begins. It all starts with a free conversation. From there we can dream of better days and then eventually start living them. So email me. This is our year!

"Thank you for building this community John!!! It has always been a pleasure to go to your presentations, two now  And each time I leave feeling very uplifted and reminded at how valuable our journey is in relation to where we are at in life!!! Congratulations on taking your own personal huge mega leap and I could not imagine a stronger, more compassionate and more driven person to lead this community and be there to help all of the future Leapers!!!  If you are looking to leap - or don't even know whether you should be leaping or not - John Close and this community is the person and place to be!!! - Philip Bisset Covaneiro, Director of Your Entrepreneur Society

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