Let’s talk.

I am married to a beautiful, successful woman who has been published a dozen times in the past year. Check.

I have 3 good looking kids who are nearly grown. 20, 18, 16. Check.

I own a house on Vancouver Island. Check.

I own an award winning, successful landscaping business that is just starting its tenth season! Check.

I have travelled all over the world and have been to Europe and Disney 4 times. Check.

At 42, I’m in the best shape of my life. Check. Out. My. Biceps.

I have a podcast. Check.

I run The Leaping Connection, speaking to crowds across Vancouver Island. Check.

I have been skydiving, paragliding, cliff jumping, zip lining. Check out my pics.

I must look impressive on your device. Screen. Check.

You look impressive on mine.

What if we got a glimpse beyond the screen. What would we see? 

For the past 10 years I have suffered from anxiety and random bouts of depression. For years I fought them by resisting them. Escaping. Denying. Over-Achieving. Never in the moment and always in my head, I lost years of good living all because of my pride. I couldn’t allow my on screen image to be tarnished. What if people knew I suffered from anxiety? I’d be ruined! They’d never see me the same way again. Oh god. What would people think if they knew?

Well, now you know.

My name is John Close and I have anxiety.

I have found an effective way of embracing it and it has made me who I am. Better. Stronger. Definitely more human.

Today is Bell Let’s Talk day. So let’s talk! If today doesn’t work, I’m here all week. And the next. And the next. I know what it feels like to suffer. I also know better days are ahead. Wanna talk? I thought I’d Check.

You are not alone.  It’s time to stop living like it.






2 Comments on “Let’s talk.

  1. Thank you for sharing John. You’re such a generous genuine person. As long as you’re writing, I’m reading 🙂


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