Happy February! This morning I woke up to a solid inch of snow. As an island-dwelling, T-shirt wearing, West Coast Canadian, I cry foul. *John, people don’t really use that expression anymore.* Fine. I cry weather fraud. It appears I’m going to have to spend the morning digging my jacket out of storage. Who even owns a jacket anymore???

Speaking of Grit, it’s a new month on the blog which means I annoyingly ask you how your Waking Hour has been going? Waking what? Sigh. For those of you feigning ignorance, Waking Hour is a practical discipline that focuses the first hour (or two) of your day and turns it into a focused, meaningful ritual that transforms the rest of your day. It has changed my life and I even do it on weekends. If you are just reading about this, you should give it a go! I have created an easy-to-follow system that you can adapt to your own schedule so, cmon folks, give the blog a read and join the Waking Hour posse! *John, that is literally the worst name* Fair enough.

Speaking of Grit for real this time, I finished The Upside of Stress and have just started one of the best reviewed books of all time on the subject of Leaping! It’s called… Grit!  As always, I’ll be sharing all the rich insights I’m learning so stay tuned.

Last but not least, if you are benefiting from The Leaping Connection, it would go a long way if you took 5 min and reviewed us on Facebook! This will help expand our reach and allow others to benefit. Thank you for reading!

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