Russian Doll

What if death forced us to get our shit together? This is the premise of Netflix’s dark new comedy Russian Doll. As a fan of good TV, I was a bit apprehensive with this latest offering. The idea of a main character dying in the first episode and then dying again and again and again..and again.. all in the same episode, seemed tedious – and not just for the main character. But we stuck with it. Good call Angie.

What I grew to love about this show (besides the top notch acting and original script) was the idea of seeing death as a wise friend holding you to account rather than a boogeyman punishing you for being human. We resist death because it doesn’t announce itself and when it strikes it’s quite fatal – yet the prospect of death usually causes us to pay attention. Focus. Come to terms.

Upon diagnosis, many people start to live like there’s no tomorrow. Leap like there’s no ravine. We finally take that trip. Have that conversation. Check off that bucket list. In short, we start to live again.  Russian Doll reminds us that life before death is the only life we got so we better get living. Like all great art it asks the same question death asks, when you look within, what do you see?

See this show! It’ll nudge perhaps even push you out of your comfort zone. The place where life begins.

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