As driven as I am to achieve, I’ve actually never sat down and written out my life goals. I blame my hyper brain, busy schedule, inability to find a pen? But I’ve had… goals.. Becoming a millionaire before 40, published before 41, TED talk before 42… Whoops. I’ve definitely had stupid, unrealized goals. I’m sure you’ve had them too. What is a stupid goal? Here’s some.

Eat healthy. Fall in love. Lose weight. Get in shape. Be nicer. Get rich. Be successful. Inspire people. Be legit. Travel the world. Change my life. Be happier. Get more likes on social media.

Stupid goals are easy to state, easy to impress (especially at business mixers and on social media), BUT difficult to apply and almost impossible to achieve. It’s why we agree with them yet immediately forget to follow them. Even our brain thinks we’re dumb. At first glance these goals seem decent. Noble. And I guess they are in a way. But if the purpose of a goal is to help us get what we want, these never will. They are so general and bloated they are the low hanging rotten fruit of under achievement.

How do we know if our goals are stupid? First, we don’t have any goals. Second, when stated, our goals literally spell stupid. To help us remember, I’ve come up with a stupid acronym so we can steer clear of our lame goals. When setting a future goal, all we will have to do is pause and ask ourselves, is this goal… STUPID…. If so, we can drop it and instead make a SMART goal.

Over the next several blog posts, I’m going to give you all 6 of my STUPID goals. You would be smart to come back and even tell your stupid friends to tune in. In all seriousness, these will be MY stupid goals so don’t worried about feeling all judged. As always, we’re in this together and we all want the same thing. To get where we want to be.

Ready to go? Great! See you tomorrow 🙂






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