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Hey John, you should go Vegan. Yeah? Yeah man, I’ve never felt better. What’s Vegan again? Well you can’t eat eggs, screeching tires. So…I never went Vegan and never will as long as eggs are off the table, but that doesn’t mean I’m immune to the pull of the latest internet health claim/trend. By the way, this post is a continuation of our series on STUPID goals, in case you found this kinda random.

Note: I’m not saying Veganism is a trend but the noise around it can be. Also, I think it’s important to point out that I make a real effort to only eat cruelty free eggs and buy local meat or at least make sure it’s “free from.” The cruelty shown to caged animals in factory farms is morally repugnant and we should do our best to avoid supporting this industry.  This means most fast food/ processed frozen meat is off the table which definitely makes things more challenging in our fast paced world.


Wine increases longevity.

“Hey hon, you gotta read this AMAZING new study on how healthy wine is. Hey, we should have wine tonight actually!” Bait. Click.

  • Wine increases longevity more than exercise


  • You can eat as much bacon as you want as long as you don’t put the bacon on bread.


  • A brisk walk in the evening is all the exercise you need.


  • Lather everything in butter NOT margarine.


  • Beer prevents the stomach flu. It’s also a great recovery drink after a workout.


  • Greens, Fruit, Lemon, Cayenne and Water! That’s all your body needs.

There are yummy bits of clickable truth to all of the above health claims. Enough truth to inspire us to create flawed health goals. Whenever I’ve made unhealthy health decisions- these 3 things were usually driving it:

I want to continue to eat what I’m already eating.

I want to continue to avoid strenuous exercise but still lose weight and feel better.

I really want to eat bacon and stress is worse for me than bacon so I should joyfully eat bacon.

Speaking of rationales….Check out this amazing diet. If only Science could prove the health benefits, I’d be so in 🙂

We can’t create goals based on the lastest headline or online trend, especially if we don’t take time to read the article/study the headline is attached to. Modern science moves quickly and today’s truth is tomorrow’s, “actually eggs are great for you and it’s sugar, not fat, that leads to pre-mature death.” We certainly can’t create goals based on our delicious cravings or clever rationales.

I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be eating but I will say this, I believe we all know what’s best for us. Even more importantly, we can know what’s best for us. We can make SMART healthy choices by investigating claims, practicing moderation, achieving balance and most importantly monitoring how certain foods/drinks and exercise makes us feel.

For example, I stay away from white flour and processed sugars because when I eat them I feel like I have the flu. This makes them unhealthy for me and not worth consuming. Science has proved these things are unhealthy for other reasons as well, but the reason I really care about is how they make me feel after consuming them. This is not to say that if a certain food or drink makes you feel good it is good for you, you still have to combine your feelings with Science and common sense.

So eat, drink, and be merry! If you don’t feel merry, it’s probably time to make some smarter goals. And exercise.






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