Waking Hour Update

Good morning! It’s been 6 weeks since I began Waking Hour and I wanted to provide  you with a personal update. If you don’t know what Waking Hour is, please read this first.

  • Before Waking Hour, I would start each day mindlessly scrolling through social media. The result was always the same. I felt un-motivated and slightly depressed to start each day causing the rest of my day to be unfocused and unfulfilling.  One of the cornerstones of Waking Hour is no checking social media/texts/emails/news until Waking Hour is completed. I thought this would be a huge challenge but honestly, it’s amazing how quickly and easily I was able to drop this bad habit. My guess is my brain knew it wasn’t good for me and was happy we were no longer doing it.


  • I’ve completed 30 of Sam’s guided meditation sessions! That’s more meditating than my first 42 years combined. Meditation is a focused practice that helps us learn how we can be mindful all day long and I have noticed for the first time in my life that this small practice – even 10 min in the morning-  I am able to catch myself later in the day/ middle of the night when I’ve become triggered by negative thoughts (anger, anxiety, pride). This is life changing news! When triggered I now pause, breathe, embrace then release the negative thought and come back to the moment. The result has been empowering as I used to believe my thoughts controlled me. Every moment is a chance to be more mindful thus more fulfilled and although I remain a work in progress, I like my current trajectory.



  • I have written 27 blog posts and in the process re-discovered my love of writing.  Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read, I write every morning with you in mind.


  • I have engaged in 40 min of high intensity daily exercise dozens of times through Monkey Bar Gym and Shaun T’s insanity program. I even managed to achieve this while travelling out of country for half of January.  I have said this many times but it begs to be repeated. Exercise is not what I do but it makes everything else I do ok. I am simply a better person when I’m consistently working out. While I don’t work out for egoic reasons, I must admit it did feel good yesterday when someone at the gym said, “John, you’re looking ripped.” Hey, I’m only human. 🙂


  •  I have been booked by a women’s business group to speak on this Waking Hour topic at one of their breakfast meetings next month. Few things give me more joy then inspiring others on how to live more meaningful lives. If you or your organization, group, business or school is looking for a passionate speaker, I know a great guy.


  • As I reflect on these first 6 weeks of 2019, it’s obvious they have been the most focused and transformative of any six weeks I’ve ever experienced. Waking Hour has become a positive life habit I will continue to engage in. I hope you will too.


  • If you have your own Waking Hour ritual, please share it in the comments below to inspire the rest of us!



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