Today, we conclude our series on STUPID goals by talking about the one I have struggled with the most. As a passionate, high-energy, spontaneous person who thrives under pressure and welcomes challenge (he said while looking in the mirror, thumbs raised), my goals could often be described as, “radical and extreme.” In other words, Drastic. While it sounds bad-ass (he said to himself, this time while driving), it’s just bad.

Here’s a sampling of some my more drastic/bad goals.

  • Scale Mount Everest (I was inspired by a book I was reading)
  • Franchise across Canada (the adorable answer I gave when asked, “What’s your vision for Lush?”)
  • Move to Quebec City (I fell in love while on vacation)
  • Run 5 miles at normal pace without breathing through my mouth (I read a weird book)
  • No more alcohol, ever (the morning after)
  • Give a TED talk on Leaping (I actually emailed them before I had a website or a prepared talk)

Spoiler Alert. I have met exactly zero of these goals.

The problem with setting Drastic goals is they are often entirely based in emotion. Emotion is a fantastic motivator but poor planner. As a highly emotional/motivated person, I love the idea of things yet often resist their execution. I’ve learned that if I really believe in something, I must invite reason to come along.  Reason forces me to provide sufficient evidence to support and justify my “exciting, game-changing” goals. Often, my audacious goal will not survive the magnifying glass of reason. But sometimes reason agrees with emotion, and that’s when the magic happens!

  • I want to have 3 profitable locations across Vancouver Island. (Lush)
  • I want to support people who are stuck in their life journey (The Leaping Connection)
  • I want to share people’s amazing stories of overcoming (Obstacle Course Podcast)
  • I want to go an entire week without eating Doritos (footage not found)

What are your goals? If your answer is, “hey man, I’m just trying to get through the day,” perhaps your day needs to change. Perhaps you need to set some SMART goals.

Why did I write a series of blogs on STUPID goals? What does that have to do with Leaping?


The problem with STUPID goals, is when we don’t get what we want we are tricked into believing the problem is with us. “See I told you!!! I’m NOT smart enough, rich enough, talented enough, worthy enough. Goals are for him or her, just not for me.”

They are for you.

You are enough.

You always have been enough.

Believing this is your first Leap.

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