My latest leap

When was the last time you took a leap? Remember, a leap is any strong movement you make in your life that takes you from where you are (comfort zone) to a new place (mindset, habit, career, relationship, passion project etc) . On Friday, I took a large leap with my good friend Andrew Langford, when we uploaded our podcast to Itunes!!! Our podcast should now be available wherever you listen.

We host courageous stories of everyday people, as they share their process for overcoming obstacles on their journey to becoming the person they want to be. In other words, we interview leapers! We also share the latest science and research behind the importance of embracing obstacles and how to navigate them with strength.  We are three episodes in and will be releasing a new episode every 2 weeks! Please subscribe wherever you listen 🙂

Someone recently asked me, “is your podcast a Leaping Connection thing or a separate project?” Yes and No. No, it’s not The Leaping Connection podcast, Obstacle Course is a joint venture with Andrew, and its own thing. That said, Obstacle Course lies at the heart of The Leaping Connection’s philosophy, and as its Founder, it’s crucial that I keep my legs in game shape. If I’m not leaping, I break the connection. And it was a big leap! Having never been on a podcast before and with no experience in recording, editing, etc, this project has launched me outside my comfort zone many times. As with any leap, I have developed muscles I never knew I had and have been fuelled with generous pieces of humble pie. I feel a surge of pride in what Andrew and I have accomplished and big excitement for the hundreds of stories yet to tell.

When was the last time you took a leap? Life is too short not to leap. If you need a nudge or an experienced leaper to help you get suited up and talk you through the steps, that’s what I’m here for! Book your free conversation now! If your organization, business or group needs a speaker for your next event, I would love to come and light a fire.

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