How to make the landing

Has it really been 12 days since I posted? Wowsers. My latest leap has been all consuming but I couldn’t be happier with how it’s going. In its first two weeks, our podcast is about to hit 600 downloads and has cracked iTunes top 10 in our category twice! We even cracked the top 5 this week. I never thought we’d be in this position this fast. As I sit here with my coffee on a balmy Saturday morning, I’ve been reflecting on why this particular leap landed. Not all do. In fact, many don’t.

When I started Lush Eco Lawns, I was as idealistic and naive as they come. I was going to transform the landscaping industry with electric mowers and zero weed control (because weeds are actually beneficial for the soil). The result was about what you’d expect. I lept, struck my toe and face planted. I limped home with the realization that mowing a half acre lawn with an electric lawn mower while charging by the hour is as impractical as it sounds and as “beneficial” for the soil as weeds are (weeds correct for soil deficiencies blah blah yawn) – it turns out, customers don’t want weeds. Weird. So that’s why they fired me. If I hadn’t altered my vision for what Lush could be (while still maintaining my values), my leap would have been fatal.

So, why did our Podcast land? The answer is not “because podcasts are super popular.” Yes, there are millions of podcasts but most are internet tumble weeds and fail within the first year. Here’s 5 reasons for our early success:

  1. It is a subject we strongly believe in. 
  • We didn’t start a podcast on a random topic. We chose a topic that was already close to our heart and frequently on our mind.

     2. It is a subject we are deeply passionate about. 

  • We were already living the message by challenging ourselves daily and striving to live more resilient lives.

   3. It is a subject that is relevant to everyone

  • Obstacles are part of every human experience. A podcast interviewing humans on how to overcome every day obstacles could potentially connect with everyone and our guests would be endless.

4. It flowed from our strengths

  • Although we have never podcasted before, Andrew and I have lots of experience in coaching and public speaking so it wasn’t a stretch to host a show where we interview guests and talk about their stories.

  5. It required a minimal investment

  • Because this is a passion project, we didn’t have to invest thousands of dollars to pull it off.  After investing in good quality mics and decent sound equipment we made do with everything else. Including our studio, which is in Andrew’s Mom’s house – in his brother’s *adorable* childhood bedroom 🙂  It’s also easier to land a new leap when you’re closer to the ground.

As you reflect on your own leaps, perhaps this is why they landed or didn’t. More importantly, perhaps these reasons can help guide your future leaps and help you land. Thanks for reading!




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