Too much of a good thing

This week has been bananas! April hit with a flurry of Lush calls/emails including a few days on the tools plus Andrew and I did 3 recordings in 6 days. As I lay in bed exhausted yet unable to sleep last night, old thought patterns crept in which didn’t make for a restful night.  Whenever the balance of life tips and finds me drowning in good things, bad things start to happen. It turns out there is something to the expression, “too much of a good thing.”

My wise podcast partner, Andrew Langford, often speaks of balance in everything.

  • Exercise is great. Too much exercise can damage muscle.
  • Business is great. Too much business can stress a company’s resources including the owner’s ability to manage those resources.
  • Doing what you love is great. Doing too much of what you love can take away from family time, work time and leisure time resulting in burnout. Yes, you can burnout while doing the things you love.

I am a passionate, in the moment, seize the day, go big or go home, likes to be busy kind of person and although it usually serves me well, when I’m not in balance , life hurls me into choppy waters where I struggle to breathe.

My fitness coach talks a lot about recovery as the key to increased strength and vitality.  My response to these reminders is often, “How can not doing anything be the key to everything?” I hate feeling useless. It turns out there is a HUGE difference between laziness and recovery.  When we’re lazy, it’s because we don’t feel like doing anything. When we’re recovering, it’s because we’re choosing not to do anything so we will have the strength to continue to do everything we love.

I’m still learning this lesson.



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