What Easter Means

When I was a Christian, Easter weekend was it! Although Christmas was more popular, Easter reminded us that Jesus Christ was crucified (Good Friday) and rose from the dead 3 days later (Easter Sunday). It wasn’t until I left that I understood Easter’s universal message. It turns out anyone can be inspired by the message of Easter.

As with all great art, I can only share what Easter means to me.

Good Friday reminds me that sometimes life goes to hell.

  • Our partner breaks our heart
  • The business deal falls apart
  • A parent shows signs of dementia
  • The test comes back positive
  • Our dream doesn’t pan out
  • The pain returns
  • Our confidence is shattered
  • Our addiction swallows us whole

Easter Sunday is a reminder that hell is not permanent. It is the place we learn to rise and begin again.

  • We begin to love ourselves
  • We begin our next business venture
  • We begin to savour time spent with our parent
  • We begin to accept the prospect of death
  • We begin to dream again
  • We begin to embrace the pain
  • We begin to believe in ourselves
  • We begin to face the world

Easter is a reminder that as bad as life can seem, we ALWAYS have the power to rise up from our situation and begin again.  And again.


Happy Easter everyone!



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