Podcast Episode

As you may know, I co-host the podcast, Obstacle Course, along with my good friend Andrew Langford. We interview courageous people and learn their process for overcoming obstacles of all kinds. We’re 35 episodes in and we’ve interviewed Olympic Athletes, World Renown Speakers, Symphonic Conductors, Business Owners, Politicians, Explorers, Moms, Dads, 11 year olds, 96 year olds, Veterans, Drug Addicts, Under Cover Cops and many more. We also record LIVE at events to help capture the real time reactions and reflections of all involved! This podcast is our passion project and we love what we do!

This week, the questions were directed at me as I shared my past life as a preacher, how I lost my faith, what happened when I walked away, how I knew I was living a lie, how my family responded, how mental health played a role and how I’ve rebuilt my life and found community on Vancouver Island. It was a great conversation and I think you’ll find it illuminates your own journey. You can find it here!

We’re all seekers of truth and we can all find ourselves living apart from it. Once we know, we must exercise courage and begin to live again.

Our Podcast can be found here or wherever you listen. If you find this episode illuminates your own journey, please share it and leave your comments at Apple Podcasts, Facebook, Instagram or wherever you listen.

Thank you for listening!

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