The Slog

7 Weeks ago today, I decided to jog up Mount Prevost in the rain. What could go wrong? A lot.  For instance, one could slip and fall backward and then plummet to one’s death. Yes, even while wearing brand new Saucony trail running shoes. Thanks for nothing Saucony.

Fortunately, when I did plummet I landed on my right shoulder (instead of my head) thus escaping said death but dislocating my shoulder. The pain I felt shortly after was akin to death although death is the absence of everything, so. hmm.  Anyways, I’ve shared this story on a recent podcast episode so if you’re curious if I made it down etc. check it out!

In the first month, I couldn’t really do a lot. Sleeping was uncomfortable, sitting was uncomfortable, not working with my crew was disappointing and even Crave TV/Netflix got old quick. To keep the mental gremlins away, I would go on random hike’s with Angie but not being able to go at my usual speed, I started to avoid that too. Before I knew it, days turned into weeks and I had become a SLACKER ASS. It’s exactly what it sounds like. As someone who values physical fitness and mental well being, this realization SUCKED. Initially.  And then Andrew’s wisdom hit me.

“You can’t think yourself out of a bad mindset. Take action!”

Fine Andrew! Gawd. So I did! Right then and there while slumped in my chair with potato chip fragments still clinging to my chest I started a movement.


30 Days of Physical fitness. Hike’s up the local mountains. Jogs on the local trails. One-armed strength training workouts via Simon Young, owner of Money Bar Gym.

The picture above was from yesterday- my first trail run in months. As you can tell, It was a slog. 7km of beauty that I couldn’t appreciate because it had been preceded by 2 months of inactivity, over-eating, and pity parties. No wonder the run was a slog. That’s a lot to carry.

Maya Angelou famously said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Um.. Maya.. so… what if you already knew better? What then?

Start again.

Day 4. Slog City, here I come.



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