What are you willing to lose?

Since I came out of the closet of doubt, I’ve received several messages from people thanking me for sharing my story.  Many of the people I hadn’t spoken to in decades and some were complete strangers. These ‘strangers’ have opened up and shared bits of their own journey with me and some of them have even asked if I’d grab a coffee with them to continue the conversation. It’s been amazing.

Why do we waste so much of our lives journeying in secret? Is it pride? Fear? Lack of vulnerability? Shame? The answer is probably a big YES to all 4. It’s difficult to leave what you know even when you know it’s no longer for you. The difficulty is the knowledge that we’re not only leaving an ideology or belief system – we’re leaving people! Family. Friends. We’re leaving a way of life!

When I walked away from my Christian faith,  I left almost everything.

  • Career
  • Income
  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Home
  • Community
  • Peace of mind
  • Security
  • Certainty
  • Lifestyle

It’s a sobering list and even now it’s tempting to think, was it really worth it? It’s THE question we all must answer for ourselves. And this question goes beyond religious faith.

If I walk away from my current way of life, what am I willing to leave? It’s a tough question that may take years to answer.

What freed me was when I finally had the courage to turn the question around.

If I stay, what am I willing to lose? ‘Myself’ was no longer an option – which is why I ultimately walked away.

If you would like to continue the conversation, I’d love to talk! Email me at john@theleapingconnection.com. Thanks for reading.

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