Lest We Forget

“We need to sacrifice ourselves. Not just in big things but in little things every day.”

“I’m continually trying to become a better person and I intend to do so until the end of my days.”

“I’m just an ordinary man trying to do some things which are sometimes more than I’m capable of.”

“The ordinary people did extraordinary things. The heroism I saw all around me astonished me. It has lasted me a lifetime.”

Recently, I had the conversation of a lifetime when I sat down with George Brewster, a 96-year-old veteran of WWII. Andrew and I were interviewing him for a special Obstacle Course episode for Remembrance Day. George spoke with the passion and energy of a man half his age as he shared tales of combat, leadership, life, and death. His perspective was refreshing and it echoed values that have slipped in modern life.

Every Remembrance day we say things like, Lest we forget. What is it that we are not meant to forget? The sacrifice of the soldiers. The fight for our freedom. The end of Tyranny. These top the list and for good reason. While talking with George, it occurred to me that while remembering the soldiers’ sacrifice we have forgotten the values that allowed people like George to get in a plane and fight in the first place. Values of respect, self-sacrifice, brotherly kindness, courage, loyalty, honor, humility and perhaps most importantly, love. We live in a toxic time and we need these values now more than ever.

Lest we forget.

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