The Golden Stream

No, this post isn’t about my middle of the night activities although it is annoying that I’m no longer able to make it until morning without stumbling to the toilet to empty my late night tea. Apparently, 43 is the new 90. I’m still not giving up my Dreamland Tea.

Speaking of a dreamland, next time you find yourself speeding along the Malahat in November, stop and smell the dead salmon at Goldstream. Rotten fish smell aside, it really is a Golden Stream (oh I get it now) as it’s one of those rare places where nature comes together in a frenzy of food, sex, freezing cold water and death. Here’s the quick story behind the Goldstream Salmon Run as I understand it. 😉

Once Upon a time a bunch of Salmon babies (mostly Chum) woke up in Goldstream. With the remnants of their parents lying dead beside them, they decided to hang out for awhile out of respect. After enough time had passed, they took off for the big blue to find themselves. After a few years of dodging nets and sharks, they decided to just keep swimming all the way back home for no apparent reason. Upon arriving back to Goldstream the memory of their dead parents suddenly appeared before them and they realized they were part of nature’s conspiracy whereupon they’d be forced to repeat their parent’s foolish/ noble mistake. While reflecting on the horror of their situation a big male chum with big teeth swam up. “You come here often?” They got their spawn on, guarded the eggs for days in a cold raging river protecting their little aelvins against rival salmon, birds, and terrible tourists and when the future was secure, they joined their parents in the after stream.

The End

Why is this relevant? Well, for an evolved sentient being like myself, witnessing the annual Goldstream Salmon run reminds me that life can definitely be a lot worse and ultimately every living thing dies anyway so the onus is on me to make sure that the life I’m living is remarkable. I even have free will kinda, well,  maybe not actually but I have the ability to think I do so I’ve decided to use that free will and live an extraordinary life! You should too!

Lest we be chum. (they are extraordinary, they just don’t know it)

P.S. Here’s the official version of the incredible Goldstream Salmon Run.




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