I’m not sick

Last night, as I tried to suppress another cough, Angie finally rolled over and said, “you’re definitely sick.” Apparently, my response was, “No, I’m not. Snot’s just leaking down my throat and making me cough.” I say ‘apparently’ because Angie texted this word for word to our Family group chat to which the kids responded – haha, classic Dad!  A few minutes later I was sleeping on the couch -not because we fought but because I thought the recliner in the living room might slow my snot leak and allow Angie and I a few hrs of restful sleep. Yeah… didn’t happen.

As I sit here typing, my cough is down to like one an hour – so despite my coughy night, I’m fine. Ok sure, I stayed home from work today but that was more to do with the fact that I got no sleep and my crew is fine without me. What’s that? I seem to have some weird denial thing going on with sickness? No, I don’t!! You do. Times infinity!!


Snot leaks aside, I’ve never been a big fan of sickness. Growing up, even a tinge of nausea would initiate a -finger-down-the-throat-lets-just-get-this-over-with response. When I did puke I would call on the God of the Universe to help me in my plight.  I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, I was super spiritual as a kid… Needles were a whole other thing. Even the sight of them made me turn white and look for a place to lie down.  I’m happy to say I’ve left childish fears behind me but my sick denial has apparently followed me into adulthood. Part of me really believes this is why I never get sick. I expect not to and so even when I feel like I am, I’m not. This tactic has worked well for decades as I can count on one hand how many times I’ve stayed home sick.  Plus I take FREEZING cold showers every day and even Science attests to the power of cold water and a stronger immune system. I’ve got a leg up on sickness.


As the snot leaked down my esophagus causing that familiar throat tingle last night,  I did cough. And coughed again. And yes, I coughed a third time. If I’m not sick, I suppose I should get my throat looked at as something weird is happening.

Let’s say for argument sake, I am sick. I’m not but what if I am? What then?


One Comment on “I’m not sick

  1. haahaa löl Sorry your Sick. I have 3 Words for you… GARLIC.. GARLIC.. GARLIC..
    goodluck. ohhh yaaa and Ginseng


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