What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word strong? Biceps. Calves. Chest. Speed, Power. Control. We are all surrounded by incredible feats of physical strength and we even pay big money to both achieve them and be entertained by them. As intoxicating as it is to watch Khabib Nurmagomedov dominate yet another opponent in the UFC and witness Connor McDavid fly by another elite defenseman and Mike Trout crush another home run and Tom Brady win yet another Super Bowl in his forties and James Harden get 60 pts even while taking the 4th quarter off… I can’t help but think, there’s gotta be more to strength than these guys.

For instance, what about these women? And this kid? And this beetle? The strongest of them all.

It’s easy to be mesmerized by these and other incredible feats of physical strength, but at the end of the day, who really gives a shit? Ok, I do. And you do. And most people probably do. But surely there’s more to being strong then muscle fibers. Thankfully, there is.

These days, when I think of strength, these people come to mind.

Alyne– The woman who was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant yet still found joy in the process.

George – The 96-year-old War War II veteran who still travels to share his experiences.

Terry and Trevor – The former drug addicts who are saving others caught up in addiction and homelessness.

Roman– The 11-year-old whiz kid who’s using his autism to help others struggling with their different abilities.

Wade – The former military vet who battled PTSD and personal demons and now coaches others on how to do the same.

Simon– The Brit who grew up being abused and believing he was weak and how he learned strength by living with no excuses (and deadlifting over 400lbs)

Paul – The business owner born with Cystic Fibrosis, who grew up struggling to breathe but is now creating a Rumble.

And then there’s Emily and Shauna, two powerful woman who once contemplated suicide but instead chose to give their lives to something bigger than themselves, Christine who was bedridden yet refused to give in to her chronic pain, D.M Ditson who learned how to become whole again even after her life was shattered by multiple sexual assaults and Heather, a single mother who is learning to live with grief after losing her 38-year-old husband to Cancer.

These and dozens more have discovered how strong they really are specifically because strong has been their only option. For these people, strong isn’t about entertainment or a bragging right. It isn’t a number or a personal best. It’s not even a metric. It’s a mindset. It’s who they became when they had nothing left to give.

You’re stronger than you think. We all are. Your rock bottom is not the end but a solid place in which to finally stand. So get up.  You were made for this.

This! Is Obstacle Course.

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