Happy Leap Year!!

I’ve been waiting 4 years for this moment. Happy Leap Year Everyone!!!! 🙂 Woo!! Woo!!

With that bit of silliness out of the way, you now have my permission to return to whatever you were not doing. But before you go… here’s why a leap year actually exists.

You were too lazy to click the link. It’s ok, I got you.

Leap years exist because our calendar is actually 365 AND a quarter days long. To make life simpler, someone said..” I mean… let’s just call it 365.” So we did. Which means there are 6 hours every year that we simply don’t recognize. For those “seize the day” types, this revelation is likely to be met with pained regret. I feel you. For others, it may bring relief. Life’s tough enough without an extra 6 hrs to contend with. Although time is relative, our experience of it is not.

Btw, a quick shout out to those lucky souls who were born on February 29th! This is a big day for you! I say make it count. You’ve waited years for this.

As for the rest of us…how can we make up for this lost time?

As fun as it is to jump out of an airplane, our leap doesn’t need to be that dramatic. The Leaping Connection means we don’t stand still or let time pass us by.  We get busy living! Lest we get busy dying.

I say we take 6 hrs this weekend and do that thing or things we’ve been meaning to get to but just never had the time.

Re-connect with that friend.

Make amends for real this time.

Turn off the phone.

Hike to the top.

Get lost in a book.

Start writing that book.

Launch that business.

Play with your kids.

Go to the farmers market, stock up on local goodness and cook a feast tonight.

Work in your yard.

Help someone who needs it.

Lock eyes with a homeless person.

We are living in the best time.

Let’s recapture it.









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