What is Corona trying to teach us?

What is Corona trying to teach us?

“Teach us? Corona has everyone trapped in their homes. My anxiety is at an all-time high.”

“Teach us? Corona is bringing out the worst in people. I can’t even find toilet paper, for god sakes.”

“Teach us? Corona is putting millions of people out of work. Small businesses are in danger of going bankrupt.”

“Teach us? Corona has canceled literally everything. What the hell am I supposed to do??”

“Teach us? Corona is a murdering SOB!! The only thing Corona has taught me is life is cruel.”

As with any Obstacle, if we can manage to see past our anxiety and anger, we’re left with lessons that can be learned. With lessons, comes resilience. Resilience builds courage. Courage creates strength. Strength allows for wisdom. Wisdom brings change. And change is what we need!

Corona, like all obstacles, is neither good or evil. It simply is.

We can learn from it, be better because of it and start to make the changes now to prevent another worldwide pandemic or we can allow our anxiety and anger to have the last word. And learn nothing.

I’d rather experience change.

So, as sick as I am hearing about Corona, I’m going to keep listening.




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