Are you looking for a dynamic communicator for your next event? John is the one to help inspire you and your group to take the leap!

Besides writing his blog posts and recording his podcast, nothing gives John more pleasure than speaking with groups on how to change their mindset! The reason we get stuck is we buy into self-limiting beliefs. In order to leap we must first learn to confront these beliefs and then we can begin to get unstuck-eventually moving to the place we want to be.

John was stuck over a decade ago, but eventually learned how to take his first major leap. He has been leaping ever since! John would love to share with you the fascinating things he has learned along the way, including the latest research on how to take your leap successfully and with less toxic stress.

Want John for your next event? Let’s make it happen.

Here are 4 talks John would love to customize for your event.
Taking the Leap: How to get to the place you want to be.
Description:  This talk will help you see where you are stuck and give you the skills and confidence to move to a better place.
Thoughts: They’re not what you think.
Description: We don’t have to believe everything we think. This talk will show how we can change our relationship with our thoughts and use them for our benefit.
Waking Hour: How the first hour can make or break your day.
Description: This talk will show you how to Wake up with purpose and set yourself up for success the rest of the day.
It’s Business Time: A Decade of Lush
Description: In this highly personal talk, John reflects back on the highs, lows, successes and failures he’s experienced running one of the Island’s most successful landscaping companies.

“I have attended several sessions that John has facilitated and I am always impressed. John has that great combination of educator and entertainer. John’s sessions leave me inspired to keep leaping, and his support through the process has been the difference maker. Thank you John!” – Maeve McGuire

“We had John as a Keynote speaker at our organization’s All-Island Entrepreneurial Summit. He helped promote the event and him and I went live together on CFAX radio. John Close is an absolute team player. John was entertaining, inspiring, and effective. He made us laugh, he made us cry, and he made us want to get out of our comfort zones. I wish I could take ice cold showers like John.” Alec Drury, Head of Marketing for All Island Entrepreneur Summit

“Thank you for building this community John!!! It has always been a pleasure to go through your presentations, two now And each time I leave feeling very uplifted and reminded at how valuable our journey is in relation to where we are at in life!!! Congratulations on taking your own personal huge mega leap and I could not imagine a stronger, more compassionate and more driven person to lead this community and be there to help all of the future Leapers!!! If you are looking to leap – or don’t even know whether you should be leaping or not – John Close and this community is the person and place to be!!!” Philip Bisset-Covaneiro, Director of Your Entrepreneur Society

“John’s presentation was authentic, funny and contained many valuable reflections about founding and growing a business. He has a 6th sense about connecting with his listeners and is always spot on with framing his content, answers and interactions.  Attendees left with interesting and profound ideas to ponder and apply to their businesses.”

Elizabeth Croft, Duncan Chamber of Commerce

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